Friday, September 24, 2010

My One-on-One with Creativity

I just came back inside. I've been cruising our yard in the late summer sun. I was out there in the side-yard of our house chasing an idea for an upcoming blog. As it turned out the idea ran just a little ahead of me (and I'm in pretty good shape!) as I worked tryin my best to capture it. I gave up and came inside...for now.

So I guess it's still out there (but maybe not in the yard any longer) since it tends to wander around a bit...all that "creative moment" stuff of course. Nevertheless, I'll catch and wrestle it into temporary submission soon. In the meantime I'm working at my "sneakin up" skills.

So while we're waiting (on the development of those skills) let's give this some thought: What's in your best interests...and how do you know? Do you think you have a good answer for those two simple questions?

Well, certainly you should wisely respond with something like, "Well, Dick, what are we talking about here? Physical fitness, financial security, family relationships, career development, eating habits, academic disciplines, lifestyle stuff...What?"

When it comes to the goals of this blog, I'm of course particularly interested to have you consider what you're doing in and with your dating life? It's a fact that what you are doing there has (absolute) implications for literally all of those other things! So how do you believe the stuff you do and think and expect in that interpersonal realm of your dating is in your personal best interests long-term?

I'll come back to that discussion, but unless it's already a well-worn thought path for you, I challenge you to take a leisurely jog along its distance. Follow it "through the woods" and then let me know what you're thinking and what you discover on the way? OK?

Have fun, be safe....and be smart!