Monday, May 7, 2012

Are you still "kissing all those frogs?"

People will ask me, "What's so bad about kissing all the frogs on my way to finding 'Mr. or Mrs Right.'" Actually when you're on the upward swing in a developing relationship it really doesn't feel like it matters much; so the issue just isn't on the radar. Right--I think you know what I mean? But when for whatever reasons a relationship you had great hopes for starts to fall apart, then the personal disappointment and confusion you feel triggers those painful thoughts, "Why couldn't I see this coming earlier--why do I feel so bad and how could I be so stupid?!"
A Smarter Romance IS the antidote to these draining yo-yo emotional experiences. That's not a promise that you won't have any relationship disappointments doing SR dating. But it is to say that you'll be much more aware, and generally long before you dig the deep emotional holes. You'll know that the relationship isn't going to work and you'll know exactly why it will eventually come apart. Your disappointment and pain won't approach those previous heartbreaking proportions, and that's completely cool.
Suppose you really don't want a committed relationship right now; you're too young or you are focused on some important personal or career development goals, etc. That's cool, too. SR will help you find the guys or gals who will genuinely support your goals and your timetable--some enduring friendships that won't confusingly short-circuit Y-O-U. You'll be able to say with confidence, "Thanks, but no-thanks, Froggie!" Wow, is that a refreshing thought or what?!
Do you want to know more? Email me about a Smarter Romance seminar in your area, In the meantime have fun, be safe...and be smart.