Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Turn around three times then throw a stone

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was to throw rocks. I took great pride in having a sharp shooter's "dead-eye" and a sling for a right arm. But if I picked up a stone and then blindfolded myself, turned myself around three times, and threw the stone in what I believed was the direction of the target, I was probably going to miss it. My best intentions to hit the target were only that--best of intentions.

Someone has said, "Love makes the world go around." Well, if love makes the world go around romance must be right behind it in second place. If we use the metaphor of car travel, might I suggest that love is the engine in the car speeding down the super highway of romance.

Whether we're talking about slinging a stone at a target or speeding down the super highway of romance, the direction we're going has everything to do with whether we ever get to our intended destination. A map--a plan--will always insure our confidence and reward our expectations that we've gone the right direction. Smarter Romance is ultimately about exactly those two things: shared confidence and rewarded expectations!

If you believe there's a marital relationship in your future, I believe you'll find your experience with this blog both practical and rewarding. Enjoy.

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