Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Those Nasty Barnacles.....Life Skill No. 8

If you spend any time at the beach you can see them a lot on the rocks and posts and structures along the waters' edge. Barnacles are little crustacean critters that can attach themselves to these surfaces, and to large fish, and to the hulls of ocean going vessels. Because the sheer numbers of these little creatures can grow and grow, they begin to slow ships' movement through the water. So the ships are routinely removed from service to scrape the Barnacles from their hulls. The ships are then returned to service.

People can acquire "Barnacles," too. Their influence is strikingly similar to their oceanic namesakes. They vary in the degree of influence they can have on people's lives and on the lives of people around them. But they can actually slow or stop a person's development and hinder his or her ability to reach personal goals or make self-desired contributions.

Here's a short list of destructive "Barnacles" I've observed:
  • Drug Abuse (including Nicotine) Addiction or Illegal Drug use
  • Alcohol Abuse and/or Addiction
  • Chronic Gambling/Gaming
  • Sexual Abuse and/or Sex Addiction
  • Chronic Anger and/or Rage
  • Addictive Behavior around Spending Money
Actually, I believe there may be some acquired skill (Life Skill No. 7) associated with one's ability to be Barnacle-free. However, it's often true that if a person already has or is going to accumulate crippling Barnacles, the critters' presence will be seen as early as his or her dating and courtship years. Keep a sharp eye out for critters that have already "attached" themselves to your dating partners. Their presence is telling you something. Listen carefully.

Until next time. Be Smart. Have fun.

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