Monday, March 22, 2010

Confused Duck

We've got a duck in our hen house. A sadly confused duck. He's the only non-chicken in there; he doesn't know he's "not a chicken."

OK. As you know, Smarter Romance specifically targets the dating and courtship experience. For those of you married men and women who follow this blog and/or who may be in roles to support and encourage couples' relationships...I offer the following humble recommendation:

Just a short time ago I ran across what I think is the very best book on marriage I've ever read, and I've read and followed a few of them. From my perspective, Dr. Gary Thomas' Sacred Marriage stands up head and shoulders above all the rest. Gary writes candidly about his own marriage experience and growth, introduces all kinds of valuable first-hand, historical, and biographical illustrations, and he speaks from his heart integrating what the Bible really says about marriage. He touches what we all experience personally, see all around us relationally, and face culturally on a daily basis--as men and women.

He appeals to the real citizenry of Christian men and women.

Gary is conceptually, theologically, and realistically ON TARGET! If you've not found this gem already, I heartily suggest you get it and read it with your wife or husband. I believe it will be a blessing of major influence for your and those you influence. It's already been a great blessing and a source of deep encouragement to Judi and I.

A couple things (tongue in cheek of course): 1.) Gary Thomas is a graduate of and an adjunct professor at Western Seminary (one of my fellow alums!), so he's coming from a rock solid background (just like me...ha). 2.) He lives in the Pacific Northwest, AKA God's country, so that makes him just that much more " a really special person" (again, just like me...ha, ha).

As is the case with so much of life's experiences "we're all in this together," but many times we forget; we're not chickens." It may be that we're just so completely chicken to act like one.

Till next time...have fun, be smart, and let's help other people know how to do that relationally, too.

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