Saturday, March 27, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

A person's ability to experience continued success or consistently provide dependable quality is generally developed slowly over time. Consider a few things that teach us the truth in that principle: fine wine, musical and dramatic talent, athletic skill and sports prowess, artistic perfection and craftsmanship, writing skill, speaking skill, character development, etc.

Men and women who have demonstrated great success in the sports world were already passionately invested in their sport as early as three years old. Just to name a quick few I think of Lindsey Vonn, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods as some classic examples. The skills they began to learn at that early age were practiced repeatedly along with the mental focus and emotional disciplines required to support their lofty achievements.

Those of us who are "not stars"have a gut sense that the physical tools and the supporting mental and emotional disciplines to make the stars famous are products of much personal sacrifice. Certainly we are right! Nevertheless, when it comes to life's successes in general, we often expect quick results at the things we do that are far outside any spotlight. We so quickly forget the principle: One's ability to experience continued success or to offer predictably dependable quality is developed slowly over time.

Smarter Romance (SR) is committed to exactly that principle. Relational skill and relational wisdom-- basic ingredients to what SR is all about-- is slowly learned in the growth of interpersonal skills over time. SR helps you create a dating environment that builds on your accumulating successes. Your dating relationships will grow lasting friendships, whether or not the initial dating relationship goes any farther than just a few events.

If you're an
SR participant, you will learn things about yourself and about your date that invariably build your insight, challenge for character growth, and sharpen your interpersonal skills. For example, if you start practicing SR when your in your teens, you'll be a "star" to somebody special when at some time in your distant future you're seriously looking for your "Mr." or "Miss Right."

That's just the way it's a Smarter Romance promise!

Until next time have fun...and be smart.

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